Monday, July 18, 2011

It's Slow So My Acting Career Is On Hold

How up to date would you want your attorney to be if you were facing criminal charges? How much recent hands on experience would you want the surgeon performing your operation to have? Other then when specifically looking for new talent, think filmmakers might feel the same way about casting actors?

Granted, of the three, the actor is the least important to get right. After all, casting an incompetent actor is highly unlikely to result in prison or death. (Others working on the project might be tempted to kill the aforementioned.) But that is no excuse for being mediocre.

So, what can an actor do to keep current and in practice? A non-judgemental list of some possibilities:

  1. Self-produce

  2. Actually get cast and be on set

  3. Audition

  4. Showcases

  5. Workshops

  6. Classes

  7. Attend plays

  8. Watch recent movies/Current TV shows

  9. Attend industry events

  10. Acting groups

  11. Update your marketing materials

  12. Read industry related articles

  13. Non-acting interests

Some commentary on the list:

  • #8: Not as a fan. This is to, for example, study an actor's approach to a role. Of course, nothing wrong with watching purely as a fan.

  • #10: This would be things like getting together with other actors to read scripts.

  • #12: It is absolutely essential that you read my blogs. JUST KIDDING! But I am thinking more of a SAG/AFTRA merger discussions type article than an actor's alcohol wows type article.

  • #13: Yes, you read correctly. A reminder to actually have a life outside of acting. Much better than "obsessed actor fixated on acting".

There is always something you can do to work on your acting career. Oh, and if you think you are good to go, keep this in mind: Series regulars and actors consistently cast as the lead take steps to better themselves.