Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Haunted Sunshine Girl

This post is about a project that I am not involved in. Pointing this out so you don't think this is a self-promo entry and stop reading half way through.

There is this YouTube series called Haunted Sunshine Girl. Wait! Wait! Wait! It's actually a good series. Yes, I have seen it so I can legitimately say that. But please few free to judge for yourself.

It's about a girl named Sunshine who moves into a haunted house with her mother and documents her experiences with those who, well, meant it when they said they'd be there in spirit.

If you happen to like it, great. Continue to watch. If you don't, feel free to comment frequently (on the YouTube videos, not this blog) your protest of their exploitation of damned souls.

How successful is this series? Successful enough to result in a feature film: Haunted Sunshine Girl and the Black Eyed Kids produced by Coat Tale Productions. I believe it is, as of this writing, in post production. Be sure and see it when the opportunity arises.