Wednesday, November 24, 2010

The Importance of Booking Out

Why do actors have issues with booking out with their agents? Actors that book out are really doing themselves a favor.

Think of it this way. If you were an agent and had several choices of who to call when you needed an actor, all other factors being equal, who would you go to first? The choices that are reliably available or the choices that may or may not be available. By reliably available, I do not mean available 364 days/year no matter what. I mean you know 99% of the time that you are not going to be wasting time contacting unavailable actors. The 1% is to allow for extenuating circumstances such as medical emergencies.

What is the proper way to book out? Depends on your agent, but most likely email, perhaps a phone call. Even without taking a survey, I feel confident in stating that no agent approves of a Twitter post or a Facebook update as a proper way to book out. Too easy to miss, assuming the agent even follows you in the first place.

Remember, consistently being unavailable is not a good thing either. Even if you religiously book out. Of course, if you are consistently unavailable because you are consistently on set that is an entirely different matter. Agents like representing actors who are consistently on set.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Time for New Headshots?

Signs it is time to get new headshots:

  1. The role is for the Biblical Sampson. Mr. Clean's fans mistakenly ask you for an autograph.
  2. The role is for a college age person. Your family threw you a surprise 50th birthday party four months ago.
  3. The role is for a ditsy blond. Your parents are concerned about your involvement in the goth scene.
  4. The role is for a horse jockey. Five different NFL teams have been trying to sign you as a linebacker.
  5. People who have recently come into your life ask "Who's this?" when looking at your headshot.
  6. When committing a crime, you purposely leave your headshot at the scene to throw the investigation off track.
  7. When asked to submit a photo of yourself from 30 years ago, you submit your headshot.
  8. When hand delivering your headshots to agents, casting directors, whoever, the receptionist asks you why the actor couldn't deliver his headshots himself.
  9. Your fan club is holding a fundraiser auction. You donate some autographed headshots. They send them back asking if you have any of known, recognizable actors.
  10. Your daughter asks you if you still have the shirt you wore when your headshots were taken because she is going to dress like Donna from the The 70s Show for a costume party.

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Attitude is Important

Took my nephew to his soccer class. The class next to his took a water break. One kid came running out yelling "We won! We won!". They had been working on drills.

What's your enthusiasm like toward your entertainment career? Are you only excited about bookings and award nominations? Or are you like that kid who won soccer drills?

Look at anything that progresses your career as a success to be celebrated. Get current headshots? Great. Find a good class to work on an area your weak? Great.

Of course, booking a recurring role calls for bigger celebration than adding a comedic monologue to your acting bag. But if your not enjoying the journey, you will never arrive at the destination.

Monday, November 8, 2010

Moving my career to the next level

What to do when your acting career hits a plateau? Can't answer for you, but I take action to move up to the next plateau. After all, isn't progressing moving up to higher plateaus?

OK, OK...On to the answer. Reaching my next step includes:

  1. Develop a reel.
  2. Establish a Facebook account.
  3. Research local industry and market myself to them.
  4. Develop skills and take classes to improve my talent.
  5. Write a biography.
  6. Keep up to date on the industry.
  7. Get a business license - make my acting career legally official.
  8. Determine my type and get new headshots.
  9. Earn my SAG card.

Yes, that's right. The next step is taking a more career orientated approach to acting. Started into this acting stuff with career in mind. Time to be more serious about moving from just above hobby level to serious career level. It's what I pray for, hope for. Well, I believe God answers prayers by giving you opportunities to take action and dreams are not fulfilled by the wave of a magic wand.