Wednesday, December 28, 2011

New Years Resolutions

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Yes, it's that time again. Time to pull out the same list of NYRs you've had the past several years and change the date while mentally committing to do better this year.

NYRs are really no different than goals set at another time. The problem is they are looked at and treated as something mystical and larger. How many NYRs are there that are not long term or continuous or set because someone else - doesn't matter who - wants it?

How many of 2011's NYRs are you frustrated with not accomplishing which are not realistically accomplishable in one year? Break it down into smaller steps. Paying off your debt within a year might not be financially possible, but taking steps beyond the minimum each pay period is possible.

There are continuous NYRs. I don't mean failed attempts at quitting smoking. I mean NYRs that were successfully accomplished in 2011 which should be continued in 2012. You might have been successful at your NYR to do more non-obligatory romantic things for your spouse in 2011, but if you don't continue in 2012, it was a false success. (The preceding was sponsored by every spouse in the world) These NYRs should, of course, be carried forward into the new year with the satisfaction of knowing the commitment is to continue being successful.

Are all of your NYRs truly your NYRs? How many of them did you set because it's the socially correct thing or you think it's what Mommy wants? I'd highly recommend discarding all such NYRs or making them your own. And not your own because Mommy said to! (On the other hand, don't cut off your nose to spite Mommy.) Make it your own because what you want for you happens to be in line with what Mommy wants for you.

Treat NYRs the same way you would treat goals made in March or August; in the setting and the doing. Celebrate the progress (short term goals) made toward accomplishing the NYR (long term goal). This will make your goals, I mean NYRs, a more positive experience than is traditionally associated with them.