Monday, December 20, 2010

Six degrees of..., not Kevin Bacon. Although this blog entry is based on the same concept of being interconnected. How networking, auditioning, marketing all work together.

Earlier this year I auditioned for a project - short film, web series pilot, I forget. Tonight I went to a film premiere. Not one I was in, but people I know and have worked with were in it. While there I bumped into the guy who had worked the camera at the project I auditioned for. He said he was surprised the filmmaker didn't cast me because he felt like my audition was one of the best. Turns out the filmmaker had cast his friend. I would probably have done the same thing, so I cannot be too upset about it. At any rate, he said he is working on his own project and there is a role he thinks I would be perfect for. So, we exchanged contact info. (Mental note to self: get business cards.)

Later, at this same film premiere, I bumped into someone else who recognized me from somewhere. I seem to have one of those "if you have seen me, you might not remember where, but you will remember having seen me" faces. Good thing I went with the acting career and not my other choice of undercover, secret agent career. In other words, I get the I know you from somewhere routine quite a bit. Turns out he knew me via my agency. He started to say something about wanting to get in contact with me or his having a project, but we got interrupted before he could finish his sentence. By his, now that I think about it, probable conspirator on the project, who introduced himself. Normally, not a conversation ending interruption, but the first guy had been headed to the business down the street to see if he left his card there. I am assuming he was referring to the card used to make financial transactions. Yes, that's right, he took a break from his find my credit/debit card to introduce himself. Would have been great if we had been able to finish the conversation, but he knows who my agent is and I have my headshot/profile on the site.

While there is no guarantee this will result in work, I would not be considered for the work if I had not taken some steps. In the first case, had I not auditioned for a minor role, he would not be familiar with my work. At least the audition delivery aspect of my work. In the second case, I suspect he had been looking at agency sites looking at actors' headshots and profiles, which I have up on my agent's site as part of my marketing effort. In both cases, had I not gone to the film premiere to be supportive of others in the industry and hopefully get some networking in, the conversations would not have happened.

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