Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Final Scream Queen Observations

This week was the season finale of Scream Queens. Meaning final blog post on my acting observations of the show. (Will try to do recap of top observations over the season in later post.) What did I take away from the last episode?

Remember who the character is. And I do not mean calling yourself "Detective Smith" when your character is "Agent Jones". Although that is probably important. The next to last director's challenge involved the actresses:
  • Getting call from creepy guy
  • Getting grabbed by creepy guy
  • Being chased by creepy guy
  • Knocking creepy guy out
  • Telling creepy guy he called the wrong girl

The direction was "we want to see a survivor". One actress played the character as a victim. She was eliminated. The judges put it this way. Horror is to film what rock-n-roll is to music. The victim portrayal was classical music.

The technical aspect is important. While you do not want to do a slow-mo thing, you do not want to go as fast as you would if you were actually being chased by a creepy guy. The guy with the camera sets the pace. If the camera didn't catch it, it doesn't count.

Have confidence in yourself. One actress was just not sure how she did. When the other two actresses felt good about their performances, she was nervous. Turns out she should not have been. She was not eliminated. Should the one eliminated have been concerned about her performance? No. Her performance, per say, wasn't bad, just not what they were looking for in this case.

Since this was a contest to be in Saw 3D, all the usual needs of the production came into play. Just replayed the final challenge for a fresh look and to see what the judges saw. I have to agree with their decision. While both actresses did well, one looked like she belonged in the role. I saw the character not the actress in her case.

Until the part is cast, you never know. When they announced the winner, the actress who won didn't respond at first. Then is was a genuinely surprised "Me?" Followed by words to the effect that she did not expect to win. The other actress, in the video diaries they keep, mentioned she was surprised she didn't win. The winner's comment about the contest was that it was so hard. All the other actresses were constantly saying she would be the next to go home. They were wrong.

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