Saturday, September 25, 2010

Rocking auditions

The other day I went on a film audition I feel I rocked. In the moment, reacting to reader instead of waiting for my turn to speak? Check. Unplanned emotional responses, varying vocal levels, and natural pauses? Check. Able to incorporate adjustment for second read? Check. (The second read w/an adjustment was planned before the first read, so probably a can you follow direction and make an adjustment vs a this is how I see the character thing.) Different unplanned nuances to my second read not due to the adjustment? Check

How was i able to deliver such a performance? Many factors:

  • I read the script so I was familiar with the story and the character's place in it. Also, when I read the sides, I knew where it fell into the story timeline.
  • Years of audition experience. Your 150th time (random number - don't actually know how many auditions I've been on) is going to be better than your 5th time in any pursuit.
  • Improv training. Each month, schedule permitting, I attend a drop in improv get-together and participate. This accomplishes two things. 1. I can keep my acting chops fresh. 2. The experience allows me to be comfortable being in the moment.
  • Going over the sides, familiarizing myself with the script and making decisions regarding the character.
  • Trusting that my preparation will come through and not worrying about saying a line a certain way or whatever.
  • Not being desperate for the role. "I need to perform well" is going to come across differently than "I'm going to have fun with this".
  • Having confidence in myself as an actor. Knowing I can deliver.

Did I get the part? Said he would get back to people today and hadn't hear from him about 5pm, so I am thinking, no. Feel bad about it? No. Of course, I would prefer being offered the role, but I never feel bad about not getting it. Especially when I had my "A" game going on and the reason is likely nothing I can do anything about unless cosmetic surgery counts.

The filmmaker is playing the lead. (Case of writing script for self - good for him!) Probably safe to assume he wishes to showcase his acting. The character I auditioned for would be number two as far as scenes in/lines, etc. Could always decide to think not getting the part was due to my acting ability. Thinking my acting intimidated him and my level is so much higher than his that he is afraid I would upstage him is a lot bigger ego boost than thinking he probably went with an older looking actor.

At any rate, I know I delivered in the audition. As long as I feel I did my part in the room, I am satisfied. Booking is icing on the cake.

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