Sunday, October 3, 2010

Not Getting the Part

That audition I rocked? They cast someone else. (That's why one should always continue submitting for other projects, even when the audition could not have gone better.) Do I feel the slightest disappointment? Well, maybe the slightest since I would have preferred to be offered the role.

Why do I not feel that bad about what is often referred to in the industry as rejection? Because I did my job at the audition. I had read the script, gone over the sides, knew the lines, made strong choices, was in the moment reacting to the reader and made given adjustments for the second read.

Notice I wrote "at" not "in" the audition. That is because your waiting room behavior is just as important as your read. Not much of a waiting room in this case, but still...

If I had not done my job at the audition, I might be more frustrated. Mainly with myself. Since I did my job, I can move on knowing I simply wasn't right for the role, or some other factor beyond my control. Maybe they decided an older actor would be better for the role. Maybe an actor with a similar physical description was cast in another role and they do not want to confuse the audience.

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