Saturday, October 30, 2010

Gay Dilemma in Ron Howard Film

There has been some controversy regarding a "that's gay" line in Ron Howard's film Dilemma. This is my take on the line and why.

The line should stay. Or, at least, it should not be removed based on it offends some people. Here's why:
  • Dilemma is, as far as I understand a comedy and the line is being used to portray the fallacy of a fictional character. Now if it was a drama based on real events/people and it was being portrayed that gays are more likely to commit a certain hideous crime, well, that would be different.
  • Part of GLAAD's concern with the line seems to be the fear that people will look at the line as an accurate descriptive of the gay community. How many of you actually believe that the IQ of blonds, on average, are lower than those of brunettes or redheads?
  • If every potentially offensive lyric, line and scene was removed from songs, books, plays, films, etc., well, there would not be much left.
  • I have seen a demographic I belong to lampooned for humors sake or inaccurately (purposely or ignorantly doesn't matter) portrayed. Am I offended by these instances? No, in fact it might evoke a chuckle. Why am I able to respond in such a manner? Because I am confident in who I am and do not need my beliefs, interests, whatever to be validated by others. Obviously, nothing to do with this specific issue, but I wanted to point out that I do have experience of being in the position the gay community is in regarding Dilemma and am coming from a position of knowledge.
  • The line is extremely unlikely to alter any one's opinions regarding homosexuality or its members. The same would be true if it was about blacks, Mormons, vegans, democrats or backward cap wearing teenagers.

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