Saturday, March 10, 2012

Career Efforts

Based strictly on performance, are there actors whose projects you are more likely to watch? How about which musician's concert to attend? Or wanting your favorite sports team signing a particular player? Or...

It would probably be a safe bet that everyone on your list works hard at what they do. They put in hours perfecting their skills. They network with others in their industry. They make sure they are up-to-date with their knowledge and materials. They study others - in a good way - in their field.

Are you likely to end up on some one's "based on performance" list? Or are you settling for, at best, mediocrity?

Me? I have no interest in being Mr. Mediocre. That's why I practice various career related skills daily. And NOT for a grand total of five minutes! That's why I attend industry events even though socializing would not make my list of favorite activities. That's why I take the time to read all the articles I read.

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