Saturday, March 17, 2012

The Prize

Earlier today I was watching the season finale of Face/Off.  (I DVRed it.)  Wait!  Wait!  Don't tell me who won...I'm only part way through the episode.  At the beginning they listed some things the winner would receive.  Don't remember all the prizes but it included things like a car, cash - with a capital C, oh, and bragging rights.

The winner of some reality show is going to get a prize package not to be proverbially sneezed at.  So, what?  While watching the "winner receives" portion, I thought the most important prize is exposure.  Of course, the other contestants get exposure as well.  Those you, if you were a contestant, would want your work showcased in front of are watching.  They should be watching, at the very least, the latter episodes if they are doing their job.

I am referring to reality shows that target an industry related skill like Face/Off or American Idol.  And by exposure, I mean people becoming familiar with your work.  Thought I should point that out before anyone starts running around naked in hopes of getting on a police reality show.

So what are some things these people you hope see your work are looking for?  Here's some things I would look for:
  1. Their level of talent.  Do I think they can deliver on a consistent basis?
  2. Their ability to work under pressure and meet deadlines.  The pressures of winning a reality show is one thing, but what if you are working on a feature and your failure to deliver on time would mess up the production schedule?
  3. Their ability to follow direction.  "So&So missed the mark on this one" is a phrase that was often said by the judges on Face/Off.  Basically means that the assignment was to create X and the contestant delivered Y.  Might have done a great job on Y, but it's not X.
  4. Their ability to be creative and diverse.  Can they use the different tools and materials of the trade?  Can they come up with interesting stuff that fits within the parameters of the project?
  5. Their attitude.  Do they "need" to win?  I'm talking about their attitude about what will happen to their career if they're eliminated, not that they could really use the money.  How well did they work with others on team projects?  Are they confident in their abilities without the ego?
Hmm, think these things might be important considerations for any job in the industry?

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