Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Acting Misconceptions & Getting Started

Acting had always been on the back burner, but I did not get into it until a few years ago. I had some misconceptions. First, it didn't completely register that supporting characters were played by actors. The grocery store clerk was played by an actual grocery story clerk. Wasn't (and still am not) quite sure how to start out doing the main characters. Second, I thought sex scenes were required. This is NOT reflective of the type of shows/movies my parents allowed me to watch. Think this was a result of adults talking about the quality of programing getting worse.

How did I finally get into acting? During a slow time in the market for what is now my day job, I researched some other possibilities and came across one of those "For $200 sign up fee, we'll send you casting notices" sites. Don't remember the site, but from it I was able to locate my agent. However, I think the particular casting notice might have been a little late. But, I was off and running with my acting career and haven't slowed down.

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