Tuesday, June 8, 2010

California Casting Director Workshop Law

This year a new law regarding casting director workshops went into effect in California. I know this because I try to keep updated on the industry. At least some aspects of it. From my understanding, these workshops need to be bonded and have some instruction planned. Collecting headshots and resumes is apparently highly discouraged but not a specific legal "Thou Shalt Not". Personally, I tend to favor such a law. Not to rein in the unscrupulous casting director, but to protect the naive and idiot actors. There are actors who will spend $200 to do a scene among 20 scenes instead of a free workshop in which the same casting director gives instruction of, for example, auditioning technique. Perhaps this is why some actors are upset by the headshot/resume thing. I would attend the free workshop. Why? Because I look at each workshop, seminar and class as an opportunity to learn new skills, not get on a casting director's "need to cast" list. Although, that would be a great bonus. http://more.showfax.com/columns/avoice/archives/2010_05.html

I took a Saturday workshop on the business of acting taught by the main local casting director a year or so ago. No monologues, scenes, etc. was specifically stated in the advertisement. I took this workshop because I felt she would probably know a thing or two about the business side of acting. (I still have the handout and refer to it.) If I felt would not be able to learn something noteworthy from this workshop, I would not have taken it. I know there are those that would disagree. One actor (who took a different session & shall remain nameless) actually told me that he hadn't bothered applying what he had learned and the only reason for taking the workshop was "face time". Which approach do you think will be more effective for a long term acting career? http://castingscoop.blogspot.com/2009/01/go-pro-workshop-for-actors-sat-jan-31st.html

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