Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Audition Nerves

Just saw part of an episode of America's Got Talent while I was doing the Wii. The last one was a girl - probably early twenties - singing and playing guitar. Something she had been doing since her mid teens. Talent wise she sounded pretty good. However, she apparently wore her nervousness on that proverbial sleeve some wear their emotions on - wasn't looking at the screen so don't know her facial expression. First time I saw the judges express concern about one of the contestants being able to handle performing at a big Vegas show. (The reward for passing this portion of the show.) In other words, first time I've seen the judges consider giving no votes for a reason other then lack of talent. She got two yes votes after saying she would do whatever is needed.

Some of the judges' comments:

"I'm going to have to vote no at this time." (Read you have talent, but I don't think you can perform at the level necessary.)

"The next stage is a performance in Las Vegas in front of a large audience. I'm not sure you could handle that level of a show." (Read I think you could handle a coffee house - under five - supporting, but not a major venue - series regular - principal)

"You were extremely nervous during your performance and that makes us nervous for you." (Read you were upstaging yourself.)

"Instead of nervousness I saw young talent gaining experience. It's a yes vote for me." (Read don't beat yourself up over any audition. You never know what they are thinking - OK, invites to Vegas or callbacks are pretty big clues.)

"Your performance was good, but you didn't own the room." (Read there are lots of actors up for the role that are good. You need to bring great if you want to stand out.)

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