Saturday, June 26, 2010

Film Contests

24 Hour film festival contest shooting this weekend. Signed up for one of the team's actor pools. Haven't heard back, so figure my level of acting is so far beyond the other actor's that the team leader is afraid I would upstage them just standing in the background. I'm kidding about the upstaging part. At least I hope that wasn't a deterrent. (Have been told in a workshop that there would be concern about my personality pulling focus from series regulars - but that is a blog for another day.) The rest - signing up to be on a team and not being cast, unless the team's rough schedule is majorly behind - is true.

The thing about contests like this for actors is until the script is written it is not known if there will be a character for which they are the right type. Since the script is not written until the contest starts... Would I have preferred to get the "there's a part for you" call? Absolutely. Duh! I also realize that this is not a "write a script to showcase my acting" contest. Upon seeing the finished film, will I agree that script wise the casting choices they made? Possibly. It has happened before were I auditioned for a role and after seeing the film had to admit the actor cast was more the appropriate type. Not that I'm submitting for roles I'm obviously wrong for. (Another possible blog subject.)

Coming up in just over a month: The 48 hour film festival. I'm going to sign up to be on a team. Believe it will be my third time. Would have to look at my acting journals to be sure. (First year for the 24 hour.) At any rate, I haven't been cast yet. Hopefully the team I sign with will end up with a script which as a role I'm right for. Keeping fingers crossed more for lead than supporting, but will just as enthusiastically do either role.

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