Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Casting Notice to Wrap

This month I booked a photoshoot which paid very well. How did I manage to get choosen over all the other actors/models that attended the go-see? Probably a lot of factors I will never be know about, but I did take steps to make myself more castable.

After getting the notice from my agent, I carefully read through the character breakdowns. Normally, I am clean shaven. However, in reading through the script, I felt that the characters would not have shaved. So, I let my facial hair grow. Notice did not call for facial hair, it was a personal choice. Since I got a call from the MUA few days before asking me not to shave, I figure it was a good choice.

When I went to the go-see, I dressed to suggest the overall feel of the general characters - don't remember exact wording, but basically unkempt, down on luck... Wore a plain T-shirt and old jeans. Also, did not comb my hair. Those at the go-see when I went were dressed a bit nicer with combed and styled hair.

During my go-see pictures, I relaxed and had fun with it. Yes, it is possible to do still photos without looking like you're standing at attention.

At the shoot, I showed up at my appointed time, a few hours before my shoot time. Typical shoot schedule. They where also shooting other characters that day. My point is to bring a book or something - which won't disturb those around you - to keep yourself entertained. When it was time for my shoot, there was a bit of tech stuff. Making sure the lighting was right, arranging/rearranging the setting, making sure they got plenty of usable shots to choose from.

Lessons learned/reconfirmed:
1. Know the character breakdown and do not be afraid to take risks. My facial hair could have lost me the role.
2. Dress to suggest, but don't go overboard. Had I rolled around in the dirt for the go-see, that would have been going overboard.
3. It is important to be able to relax and have confidence in yourself. Nervous looking stiffs have a low booking percentage.
4. With all projects, be prepared for "hurry up and wait."
5. There are lots of tech issues to consider. Do not let these things throw you.
6. Be able to follow direction and make adjustments.

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