Saturday, July 10, 2010

Open Cattle Calls

Couple weeks ago there was an open casting call for all types for a TV pilot. Debated on going because it was no pay. But I figured maybe it is an "if it gets picked up..." which I would be fine with. After a significant wait, I heard they are casting five very specific parts. They were running behind so started dismissing those that were obviously the wrong type. So glad I ended up not reading. What an amateurish operation! A cattle call for five specific roles? No excuse for it. Last one I attend. Wouldn't mind the wait (that's to be expected, like getting sand on yourself at the beach) but what they did is inexcusably lazy.

This afternoon, I auditioned for another TV pilot. This one offered pay. They put out a casting notice with character breakdown. This one worked like this: Actor submits, Production responds w/role(s) - if any - they want to consider Actor for, Actor confirms interest and audition time is scheduled. They could have easily gone the open casting route as well. (Would have needed a larger venue, but that's not relevant.) This group put forth the effort to bring in just those who would be right for the roles being cast.

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