Friday, July 9, 2010

Communicative Marketing

A few days ago I noticed a sign that had written on it "eyebrow wax $7". It was one of those cardboard signs on thin wire people stick in the ground. The sign caught my attention because the concept of an eyebrow wax is somewhat of an oddity to me. Then I realized; where would I go if I wanted one? There was no business name, contact info or address. Just the above mentioned offer. It was not even in front of a business which offers such services. I assume $7 is a good price for an eyebrow wax and the person performing the service would be adequately skilled. It is possible that I will pull out the phone book or do an online search but why make it more difficult for me to find you? Why risk losing the job because I don't know who you are or how to contact you? This marketing effort is a failure.

While extra effort might be made by CDs or others to contact you in order to offer you a role, the effort will be less for auditions or callbacks. No matter how much I want the $7 eyebrow wax, I can only contact so many businesses before it is more practical to make other arrangements. Same with the powers that be trying to book you. At some point they will either give up on you or because of production schedule be forced to move to the next choice. While it is recommended that you don't obsess about hearing back after auditioning, becoming Incommunicado Actor is going too far the other way. Unfortunately, from what I've read, I suspect a high percentage of CDs, agents, etc have had personal dealings with this actor.

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