Saturday, July 10, 2010

GoSees, Bookings and Auditions

This past week I went to a Go See. While facial hair wasn't specifically mentioned, in reading the character breakdowns, I thought this guy probably wouldn't shave. At least not at this particular point in his life. So I decided to let my whiskers grow. I shoot next Tuesday. Would I have gotten the part if I had been clean shaved (& all other factors constant.)? It might have been the winning point between me and whoever came in second. Or facial hair might have been the biggest factor in considering going the other way. Facial hair or not, most at the Go See when I went were not dressed to suggest character.

This afternoon, I had an audition for a character who is more likely to be clean shaved. (My headshot is a clean shaved version.) Did I shave for the role figuring I would just grow my whiskers back for Tuesday's shoot? Considered it, but decided there would not be enough time - would have a couple days less growth then I had at the Go See. Was concerned about going in to audition not looking like my headshot. Decided I would audition anyway and just tell them the facial hair is for a shoot on Tuesday. They were understanding. But what production doesn't want to hear that those auditioning are working? Their main concern was verifying that I was flexible.

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