Sunday, August 8, 2010

48 Hour Film Festival

This weekend I participated in the 48 Hour Film Festival. Have signed up to be on teams in previous years, but this is the first time I was cast. A very enjoyable experience. (Of course, that's almost a given for being on set.)

Admittedly, I probably have some bias, but I thought it was a great script. Everyone did a great job. We wrapped filming only an hour later then scheduled. This was doing multiple takes, medium shots, close-ups, angles etc.

Makes me realize that, as an actor, I have one of the easier on set jobs. Notice that I said easier, not easy or less important. I still have to make character choices and give production something to work with.

However, I am not coming up with a workable script, making sure all need shots are gotten or putting together the final edit. I just need to be concerned about my character and his scenes, not every character and every scene.

Production was developing the script, etc. well before my call time. After wrapping, production had to edit and do all that good stuff. Granted, the time line is greatly abbreviated for the 48 Hour contest, but it is the same format for other productions.

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