Monday, August 23, 2010

Scream Queen Acting Observations

Wasn't able to watch last week's Scream Queens due to DVRing issues until last night. Anyway, the acting observations I made deal with attitude and taking on the character.

The exercise for the week was crying on cue. First round, no tears. They were all trying to cry. Anyone ever try to cry? NO! Trying to cry because the script says your character cries does not count. The character wouldn't be trying to squeeze out a tear. The circumstances are what produces the tear. The character is crying because her puppy died or her long lost brother returned home. Second round, the actresses were given an emotional story to personalize. Personalize because, well, we have all driven past accident scenes. Probably glanced over out of curiosity, thought how terrible and went about our day. I highly doubt that would be the response if we realized that smashed up car belonged to a loved one.

One actress was in the bottom the first two weeks. This week she won both the elimination safe challenge and the performance challenge. Winning both for the week is a rarity. The difference? She incorporated what the judges told her and put herself into the character. The actress that went home was overacting. I don't mean broad gestures for a close-up overacting. I mean a watch my pieces of business to stand out overacting. The difference was the attitude of these two actresses. The first had an attitude of I am going to take what I've been told and I am going to improve myself. The result was the first delivering a performance that greatly exceeded what she was capable of delivering just the previous week. The second had an attitude of how can I stand out and deliver what they want. The result was the second putting off nervous energy.

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