Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Improv to Overcome Nerves

Attended my bi-monthly improv get-together. Got in a lot of stage time. Did each improv game. Well, usually do, but think it was a smaller crowd then last few times. Seemed like I got up every other scene. Of course, when each game averages two scenes and you participate in each game...

Afterwards, one guy asked the MC about nerves. Said when he would think about getting up, he would get nervous. Wondered if it happened to everyone. MC said it does. I suppose he is right.

Do I get nervous? Yes. That is one of the whys I attend improv and participate. Not that nerves has ever been a major problem area for me. At least not as far as acting goes, as long as I keep things in perspective. Other areas of my life? Well...that's beyond the scope of this blog.

Nerves aside, doing improv builds up my acting arsenal. I am getting up and performing, making character choices, making adjustments... I've heard stories about basketball players practicing jump shots beyond what is required. And I don't mean half dozen shots in six different spots. These players are generally the score leaders.

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