Monday, August 30, 2010

Weekend Vacation

Spent the weekend at a resort. Did nothing acting related. OK, I caught up on my reading of BackStage newsletters. But otherwise, no checking emails, no checking acting sites, no doing my personal acting study stuff...nothing. Did not give acting a single thought; at least none that was entertained.

Was this good for my acting career. Yes, because it allowed me to step out of the daily grind of both my acting and non acting life. I was starting to feel overwhelmed. Now, I feel relaxed and ready to hit things anew.

Did I worry about missing out on an acting opportunity? Nope. Did I realize it was possible? Yeah. Does this mean I was leaning more toward the hobby side of the hobby/career? Nope. If I was so worried that I was unable to get way for the weekend, I do not have a proper perspective. It would be like a car salesman never taking a vacation because of the missed commissions.

And yes, I did book out.

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