Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Scream Queen Observations

This weeks Scream Queens acting observations: (Heavy on character choices.)

1. It is not necessary to play yourself. This week was playing the evil woman. I'm going to assume that all the contestants are actually very nice people. One actress was unable to commit to the character because she did not have the experience to draw on. So...you've never attacked someone with a knife or questioned their right to exist to their face? I would hope not! Like the coach said during the class: "It doesn't have to be true."

2. Subsequent notes from observation #1: Drawing on personal experience is great, but it nor any other method is a catch all for all character development. Also, what is said during the acting exercise is not necessarily the speaker's true feelings. The recipient should realize this and leave it in the room. (Even if it is true and negative...so what!)

3. If the scene ends with you killing your date, don't start out psycho. No one is going to go home with psycho. I don't care what they are sexually into. The audience needs to believe that your date would be there. Start out as someone who is likely to get a date home. (That does not necessarily mean be sexy.)

4. If you have a strong accent or dialect, work on getting rid of it. It will draw the audience out of the scene. Granted, if it is clearly established that the character is from that area, the accent/dialect might work. But it would be limiting.

5. Just because you have consistently brought good acting to the table does not mean you can relax. You should be striving for great, to bring more to the table. Those actors not up to your level are working on improving their skills. If you're not doing likewise, you will soon be asking them for advice on taking your career to the next level.

6. Be bold in making character choices. It is better to make a wrong choice than no choice. Of course, a good choice is even better. One actress played the scene referenced in #3 in a way that made the judges think of the psycho as a Hannah Montana type. Bad acting choice. If it had been a Miley Cyrus type...Just kidding. Another did not commit to any choice. Guess who went home: consistently making bad character choices or doesn't make a choice. HINT: Refer to second sentence in paragraph.

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