Monday, August 16, 2010

Developing Good Sleep Habits

Need to work on my physical health. Not that I have major health issues or something. Just need to develop better habits in the department of eating, sleeping, exercising. Biggest motivation for getting to bed at a decent hour is an early audition or call time. (Filmmakers, help me out by casting me in your films. Prefer paid speaking roles.) Also need to remember that much of the things I stay up to work on can wait until tomorrow. The result of going to bed at a decent hour will probably be accomplishing what I do staying up and then some. While not fighting tiredness. It would also help my eating and exercising habits. Stay up late; get up late; miss breakfast... Also, hitting the gym is not very appealing when I am tired. The "going to bed" habit definitely needs to take top priority. The other things should then fall into place.

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